A job seeker’s best friend is Twitter!

Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!

This is the second in a series of three blogs looking at how to use social media in your job search. In this one we’ll look at Twitter.

Question: If you are a job seeker, have you made Twitter your best friend?

Twitter as a job search tool

Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!With over 12 million users in the UK alone, like it or not – it’s where people and companies gather, and where this happens there you will find business and job opportunities!

The research (conducted by Nielsen @Nielsen) highlights how Twitter is now an everyday business tool for thousands of UK SMEs that use it for marketing, sales, and customer service, for starters. Increasingly UK businesses use it to advertise as well.

34% use Twitter in to find work – 67% of males use Twitter in for job search as opposed to 33% of women

Tip – You could put your job pitch in your Twitter bio including a link to an online CV or LinkedIn profile. Tweet about your work and experiences in your chosen industry – it may attract interest.

How easy is Twitter to use?Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!

This is a good question. Aren’t tweets a bit like drops of rains cascading down a window? If you’re not in front of your device to view a tweet, it could be gone before you know! Chances are you could miss a valuable tweet about a job in an organisation you long to work for.

Question: How do you capture that runaway tweet?

If you use a Listening Station like Hootesuite or TweetDeck you can make sure you catch each and every rain drop before it runs away!

Let’s look at Tweetdeck

The following screen shots demonstrate how it’s possible to use Tweetdeck as an great job search tool:

The first powerful tool in Twitter / TweetDeck are hashtags or “#”. Hashtags link your tweet to others that are interested in a certain subject, e.g. #jobsearch. If your tweet has this # attached then it will appear to people and organisations that are also following that hashtag. This is how you do it on TweetDeck:

Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!

Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!

Hashtags # are a powerful way to either make your tweet reach your audience or for you to capture relevant tweets

Question – How do you know which hashtags # are the ones to follow?
Visit http://hashtagify.me/

Below, you can see which hashtags are trending in the area of job search. The larger the circle. the larger the use of that hashtag on twitter. You can also view other related hashtags that will guide you in which to use in your tweets – so that you gain access to the largest, interested social media audience.

Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!

Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!

Want to know to how you can follow Specific organisations and look out for job notifications?

With many organisations electing to release job vacancies via twitter, it’s a no-brainer to follow on specific organisations that you would like to work for. Similar what we did above, you need to create a column on TweetDeck that will collect the tweets of specific organisations, which will enable you to pick up on any job vacancy news that they release. This is how you do it:

Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!

Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!

Twitter - a job seeker's best friend!

You should now have TweetDeck set up so that you have any number of columns capturing specific hashtags #  and organisations’ tweets: @tearfund. If you check your TweetDeck regularly, you’ll experience the power of this social media tool. Good Luck!