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The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers

The book will allow you to direct your career or develop your calling from bible-based perspective. It’s a must-read if you want to bring your Christian faith into what you want to do next!

The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers

The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers

This book will take you on a journey to discover not only the employment that God could have in store for you, but also how He could be using the job market to mold you according to His plan.


‘A vital topic for the church today’ –
Rob Parsons Founder & Chairman, Care for the Family

 ‘The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers is 16 power-packed chapters… It is practical, insightful and anointed. This is a much needed resource, and I will be recommending it!’
John Arnot Catch the Fire Ministries

‘Hear practical Biblical wisdom from Charles Humphreys speaking to the current career challenges you may be facing.’
Ché Ahn HROCK Church, Pasadena, California

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Description of book

Section One – What’s happening Lord?

The focus of this section is on how God could be using our employment situation to bring about changes to ourselves and to our relationship with Him.

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‘I feel the Bishop still has a few rough edges to him!’

Often, God won’t release us into the next stage of His plans until we are ready.

Over seven chapters we shall see how God can use a ‘career wilderness’ – a period of hardship such as unemployment – to mold us and to draw us deeper into His love. When we’re ready God wil open doors!

Section Two – Receiving God’s Revelation

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‘Ok, so let’s try that again…’

The second section contains nine chapters, and explores how God can reveal His plans concerning our lives and especially our jobs. In particular we discover how God brings revelation through His word and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

This section also looks at how He can guide us regarding our jobs specifically through our innate abilities, personality, deeply held desires and also through the advice that we receive from people around us.

We will also look at some factors that can prevent us from receiving this revelation for our job situation and what we can do to stay ‘in tune’ with God’s guiding voice.

Section Three – Practical Careers Advice

If we are unemployed or wishing to change our current role, the challenges surrounding employment can provide us with many opportunities to step out and demonstrate our faith in God.

'Please Lord. please, please can I have a Porsche GT with all the added options, and the fluffy dice?'

‘Please Lord. please, please can I have a Porsche GT with all the added options, and the fluffy dice?’

Contents to Section Three: Practical Careers Resources:

 1.  Action Planning

 2.  Job Search Tips

 3.  Writing a Winning CV

 4.  Successful Application Forms

5.  Job Interviews

6.  Skills and Why We Need Them

7.  The Type of Personality We Have

8.  Useful Organisations to Contact

9.  Starting up a new business