Disappointing A-level results? What are the alternatives?

A-levels – what are the next steps?

I remember my A-level results day only too well. I was in Scotland on holiday. My time away was going really well, up until the point when I called my parents to find out how I did, and then everything changed. Instead of predicted B-grades, I got D’s. I was gutted, and all my plans came to a shuddering halt!

Looking back, I can now see that this was probably for the best, because only three years later I embarked on a degree course at another university to which I was better suited. However, at the time, I thought my life, my plans and my whole future held little for me. As it turned out, nothing was further from the truth.

Here are some fantastic sites that can offer some great help not only to disappointed want-to-be undergraduates but also to their bewildered parents! If you find you find you are in this position, then here are some alternatives to going to Uni.

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