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Disappointing A-level results? What are the alternatives?

A-levels – what are the next steps?

I remember my A-level results day only too well. I was in Scotland on holiday. My time away was going really well, up until the point when I called my parents to find out how I did, and then everything changed. Instead of predicted B-grades, I got D’s. I was gutted, and all my plans came to a shuddering halt!

Looking back, I can now see that this was probably for the best, because only three years later I embarked on a degree course at another university to which I was better suited. However, at the time, I thought my life, my plans and my whole future held little for me. As it turned out, nothing was further from the truth.

Here are some fantastic sites that can offer some great help not only to disappointed want-to-be undergraduates but also to their bewildered parents! If you find you find you are in this position, then here are some alternatives to going to Uni.

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Volunteering – making a career by what we give


Looking for a career break? Volunteering is a great way to give and importantly to receive.

Volunteering – what a way to develop your career!

Before you think “boring”, hang on; this blog could do many good things for you – in fact, it could change the whole course of your life.

Join UK’s 13 million volunteers!

First of all, what do you get when you cross a CEO, a volunteer manager, and a cleaner? Answer: A situation that is not too uncommon in most voluntary organisations! There’s no doubt that this sector could do with your time and expertise; so why not join the estimated 19 million Brits who volunteer at least once a year and the 13 million-plus who do it regularly?

This is what the Bible has to say about giving our time to others: Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others … (1 Peter 4:10).

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Is there life after teaching?

Life after teachingSo is there life after teaching? I want to devote this blog to a profession that is in crisis in the UK

Teaching – one of the noblest professions

Similar to Martians and little green men, the question “Is there life after teaching?” is a hot topic in many school staff rooms. Recently I’ve met many teachers who all seem to be saying much the same thing – I want out! In fact, according to the Telegraph (Oct 2015) more than half are considering leaving the profession in the next two years, which is a tragic situation.

Teaching is one of the noblest, most affirming and life-giving careers that it is possible to find. It is a calling that can draw out the treasured potential from the depth of a person and change the course of history:

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but a person of understanding draws them out – Proverbs 20:5

So, if you are a teacher, I salute you and pray that God would renew, refresh and reinvigorate your calling during 2016.

Not necessarily a job for life

However, not all of us are called to remain in the same profession for a lifetime and if the prospect of continuing in teaching for another year fills you with dread then it may be just the time to consider a career change.

Here are a few ideas to help you transfer the wealth of experience gained through teaching into a complementary but different career. Is there life after teaching? Most definitely!

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Want a career change but you reckon you’re over the hill? Think again!

Over the hill

If you feel you’re ‘over the hill’ and a career change is impossible, then here are some top tips to help you apply your past experience & skills to a new venture

Time for career change?

As 1.00am approached the time for banter was over. The night was clear, the fire pit was homely and the cigars and whisky mellow, and I have to say that us chaps started to come out with some fairly wise reflections on life.

All of us were approaching a certain major age milestone that can only be said whilst coughing into your hand, and one of our wise men confessed that he now feared that he was over the hill. He was unhappy in his career, felt that God had something more in store for him and yet he didn’t know how to make the jump from one job to another and make that much needed career change.

We nodded sympathetically and puffed away, looking for more wisdom to tackle what is probably a common anxiety: Late career change syndrome.

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LinkedIn – a job seeker’s best friend!

LinkedIn as a job search toolThis is the 3rd in a series of three blogs looking at how to use social media in your job search. In this one we’ll look at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn as a job search tool

In can be argued that LinkedIn is not really social media because its emphasis is business as opposed to social links that you find in Facebook and Twitter. However, it is all about networking – knowing people and being known by people. And importantly, the right people.

LinkedIn will help those searching within a professional career. We’re talking about a big reach…

LinkedIn as a job search tool

Meet LinkedIn!
LinkedIn as job search tool

  • Over 238 Million professional world-wide
  • 3 million+ company profiles
  • Executives from every Fortune 500 firm
  • 64% outside the U.S.
  • 200+ countries

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Career Research – what you must know before you commit to a career

Career Research

Career Research: Are you trying to work out what you want to do with your life? This blog will help you to discover the right job before you commit your time, effort and money!

‘Darling’, explained the husband calmly to his wife, ‘God gave all men instinctive navigational skills; that’s why sat-navs are called Tom-Toms and not Jill-Jills. Trust me, I know where I’m going…’

It was possibly the same driver who made a simple, but significant typing error on his sat nav for their holiday destination. Instead of heading for the golden beaches of Capri they were taken 400 miles off course to the industrial town in Northern Italy of Carpi! Upon arrival at an industrial estate, his wife’s words were never recorded, but it’s quite possible that she had one of Confucius’ quotes to hand: Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

At some stage in our lives many of us may have considered a particular profession, only to pull away in another direction due to lack of information and confidence. Whilst it’s vital to be realistic about our options and to understand what really suits our natural ability, personality and circumstances, it’s equally important that we don’t allow a lack of knowledge and confidence to dictate our next move. Make sure you do thorough career research before committing yourself!

‘Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.’ – Stan Smith

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If you want career change, first, tell me you career vision!

Are you praying and searching high and low for that perfect job, but are not sure how to get out of your not-so-perfect job? I might just have an answer for your career vision issues.

Career Change

Let me share a secret with you. For years I had a punch bag with the face of Confucius and his gloating lines pinned below, “Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life again”. Well, good for you, Confucius, that you made your successful career change, but your clichés won’t help the many people stuck in a rut and stuck in the wrong job.

Finding your ideal job probably won’t happen overnight, but here are three important steps to help you:

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