Selling yourself!

You want a killer CV or a CV that kills with boredom? You decide!

How to write a killer CVCVs, boring but important! Here are a few essential tips on how to write a killer CV.

How to grab an employer’s eye with a killer CV!

Let me guess – you’re not reading this blog on CV’s because you really want to, but because you have to? Let’s face it, even though CV’s are incredibly important they have to rank up there on the boredom scale along with party political broadcasts. I shall try to make this blog interesting, but even if I don’t, it will be far more useful than watching any party political broadcast!

To get started I need to find out a bit of information about you. Read the two descriptions below and decide which of them you fall into.


  1. I have a seamless work history with no or very few gaps.
  2. I’ve got some impressive job titles to show off.
  3. I can show off names of prestigious employers.
  4. I want to change jobs but also want to remain in the same sector or the same sort of role.


  1. My work history is patchy or has one or two gaps on it that I want to hide.
  2. I have experienced a long period of unemployment that you want to take an employer’s eye off!
  3. I have done lots of job-hopping or changes in career direction that I want to disguise.
  4. I want to start a new career or enter the job market but have little relevant experience.

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CV Top Tips that Will make a difference

A winning CV

Creating a winning CV is easy! Right? Well, if you have experienced many job rejections, a possible explanation could be that you are not ‘selling yourself’ effectively on your CV.

When you’re in the job market it’s good to view yourself as a shop, and your task is to lure people (i.e. an employer) in and buy stuff (i.e. your skills and experience). If you have an attractive shop front you stand a good chance of achieving this.

It’s a good idea to view your CV  as your ‘shop front’ where you can ‘sell yourself’ to an employer and get them into your shop and offer you the job. The trouble is that we often forget to lift the shutters to our shop front windows and allow people to check out what we have to sell!

Check out this info graphic that will change the way you write a CV forever!

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Want a career change but you reckon you’re over the hill? Think again!

Over the hill

If you feel you’re ‘over the hill’ and a career change is impossible, then here are some top tips to help you apply your past experience & skills to a new venture

Time for career change?

As 1.00am approached the time for banter was over. The night was clear, the fire pit was homely and the cigars and whisky mellow, and I have to say that us chaps started to come out with some fairly wise reflections on life.

All of us were approaching a certain major age milestone that can only be said whilst coughing into your hand, and one of our wise men confessed that he now feared that he was over the hill. He was unhappy in his career, felt that God had something more in store for him and yet he didn’t know how to make the jump from one job to another and make that much needed career change.

We nodded sympathetically and puffed away, looking for more wisdom to tackle what is probably a common anxiety: Late career change syndrome.

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Excelling at job interviews – and reading through the small print!

Job interviews techniques

This blog will give some hilarious but must-avoid answers at job interviews, and importantly find out what you have to say to secure that job!

“How many young, single women work here?”

Incredibly this question was heard not over a pint at your local but during a job interview! It’s easy to have a bad-job interview day – the traffic was bad and you turn up late, your handshake is sweatier than a sweaty thing on a hot day, and to beat it all you can’t string a single sentence together. However, if you prepare properly you stand a good chance of selling yourself effectively during a job interview. If you don’t, no-one else is going to do it for you!

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