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I provide a professional corporate support package that offers on-site career
development for your employees, including redundancy support – enabling your staff to make the bridge between their present role and the next.

I have extensive experience in providing coaching services to both the private and public sector, and until the service was withdrawn in December 2015, I was a Business Growth Accelerator Coach advising on:

  • Development of company vision and skills development
  • Workforce redundancy counselling

I specialised in leading teams, with representatives from Job Centre Plus, Business Link, local training providers and colleges, into companies shedding employees. We worked intensively with those under threat of redundancy to assist in a smooth employment transition.

The provision of onsite or remote corporate support:

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1. Workshop facilitation

I provide a wide range of career development related workshops that can be delivered on your premises. This is a valuable service to offer your employees wanting to develop their careers or for those facing redundancy.

The workshops are designed to give clarity on career direction or a greater chance of finding alternative work.


  • Dealing with redundancy

  • Job search strategy – how to gain access to the hidden job market

  • Job interview skills – with role play

  • How to write a winning CV and application forms

  • Exploring self-employment

 2. Tailored job preparation support

Covering the topics covered in the workshops, I offer tailored 1:1 employee support that is necessary to give employees the skills and confidence needed to find their next job.

Delivered to individuals either on your site premises or remotely, the tailored job preparation would offer a career coaching package that would offer support over a number of months to enable a smooth transition to the next job.


  • An objective appraisal of an employee’s career options

  • Traditional 1:1 career coaching, backedup by telephone and online services

  • A package of motivational, skill and personality reviews to help employees gain a clear picture of career direction

  3. Discerning your life direction

For your employee who feels unsure about what they are called to do for their next move:

  • I offer a unique 1:1 coaching package (that can be delivered via Skype) that allows the client to draw on their Christian faith during the guidance process

  • The coaching is performed by a qualified coach, registered with the Career Development Institute

Linked in Testimonials Linked In Testimonial for Charles Humphreys

“We have approached Charles Humphreys on two separate occasions to provide a redundancy support package to members of our team who we had to let go. I have known Charles for many years and was very confident in his expertise in providing a valuable service to PECAN. Through his professional coaching our two former members of staff have made a successful transition to new employment.

Under his direction, they were able to take stock of their experience, make a skills inventory and develop a career focus that would help them not only to quickly gain a new job but importantly work towards a fulfilling long-term employment strategy. His insightful and encouraging approach will be a valuable asset to any organisation that brings him into their team”

– Chris Price Exec Director Pecan                       View more testimonials here


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