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CV Writing Package

A CV should be your ‘shop front’ where you can ‘sell yourself’ to an employer.

If you have experienced many job rejections, a possible explanation could be that you are not ‘selling yourself’ effectively on your CV. Think of a shop window and think of a CV – the two have a lot in common!

In the same way that a shop window tries to lure customers into the shop by displaying its most valued and attractive items, your CV must also display your most valued and attractive skills, qualifications and experience.

If your CV fails to do this, then your ‘customers’ will visit another shop – and someone else will be given a job interview and potentially the job that you were after.

Want a CV that stands out from the crowd?

I can take your rusty CV and change it so that it becomes a great ‘tool’ to promote you to an employer and enable you to get that job interview.

There are many different types of CV and it is vital to choose the right one so you can ‘display’ your skills and experience most effectively.

This service includes:

  • A 1-hour consultation – either 1:1 or via Skype or telephone. It’s essential that we take time to understand you and your career goal, and then create an outstanding CV that will sell you to an employer.
  • During the consultation we shall spend the time to gain the full picture of what you have to offer an employer, and then design a CV that presents you in the most effective way.
  • Once you are satisfied with what has been produced, you will be given the electronic version.