If you want career change, first, tell me you career vision!

Are you praying and searching high and low for that perfect job, but are not sure how to get out of your not-so-perfect job? I might just have an answer for your career vision issues.

Career Change

Let me share a secret with you. For years I had a punch bag with the face of Confucius and his gloating lines pinned below, “Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life again”. Well, good for you, Confucius, that you made your successful career change, but your clichés won’t help the many people stuck in a rut and stuck in the wrong job.

Finding your ideal job probably won’t happen overnight, but here are three important steps to help you:

Create your personal career vision

Someone said that if you aim for nothing, you’ll end up hitting it, and if you think about this, it’s true. When we live life with a vision or a purpose it helps us to keep motivated and positive, and the opposite is true. The bible tells us (Proverbs 29:18) that without vision people die and fade away – so make sure that you start to develop yours in order that you know in what sort of career you want to operate.

Here are some career vision questions you will need to ask yourself:

  1. What does your ideal career look like? In your mind’s eye, what are you doing?
  2. Do you want to want to work in the same, similar or different industry from where you are at present?
  3. Where do you want your work to be located?
  4. What remuneration and benefits do you expect?
  5. What type of organisation do you want to work for and what sort of work culture would you like to experience?

Live and breathe your vision

Developing your career visionThis is the most powerful action you can take to move towards your ideal career change. The key is to visualise what you actually want. Top athletes use a technique of mental imagery or visualisation to up their game and perform at their peak. Athletes can see and feel themselves achieving goals and this helps build the confidence that these goals can be achieved. Seeing is believing!

In describing how he imagines his performance, Golfer Jack Nicklaus wrote: “I never hit a shot even in practice without having a sharp in-focus picture of it in my head. It’s like a colour movie…”

Whether you’re a pro golfer or someone developing a career direction the same rules apply. Visualising what you want to achieve on a regular basis develops focus and a positive mind set. Close your eyes and take time to see, feel and hear yourself in a role where you are satisfied and fulfilled. Once you’ve done this – make sure you hold on to this vision with all your strength!

Prayerful vision!

Finally, it’s not just a mental thing it’s also a spiritual thing. With your vision in your mind present it to God and then take a big step of faith and thank Him even before it’s arrived. Now, watch your vision grow!