Discovering your dream job

Discovering your dream job

In this blog you will find out how to hear from God & discover your dream job

What is your dream job? Are you fortunate enough to find yourself in it or do are miles from where you want to be? It’s possible that you’re like the majority of us out there who don’t really know what interests them enough to pursue a specific career.

Even if we do know the nature of our dream job, our deeply held desires can become a far off memory as the pressures of life take over. It’s so important for us to hang on to our dreams because the bible tells us that these deeply held desires have been placed in us by God Himself.

Psalm 37:4      Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

A common reason for giving up on our dreams are negative words that have been spoken to us, especially when we were young. I remember sitting at my desk in primary school with my form teacher waving my homework in the air, declaring to my class something that would remain with me for a long time:

‘Humphreys, what’s this? You will never amount to anything more than just a dustman!’

His words sowed seeds of under achievement in my life – words that reared up every time I dared to pursue my dreams. If this sounds familiar to you, what is the solution hearing from God and discovering your dream job?

  • Get prayerful! – I have found that when I spend time reading the bible, praying and then listening out for God’s reply, He seems to be able to reverse those damaging words spoken to me, and restore those dreams that He first gave to me. Whatever your dreams look like, if you keep company with God, then you’ll get to know about what makes you tick!
  • Develop a discipline of keeping this question: “What do I really want to do” as you read a newspaper, watch TV, talk with your friends, do your daily routine. One day you will see / hear something that will suddenly slot into place
  • Visit the website of your local college and see what courses you could join, or visit this great website: What course for me
  • Ask your family and friends what sort of job / career they see you fitting into. Sometimes this can help you see the wood from the trees!
  • Try out these websites as a source of inspiration and a way of discovering your dream job. As you as view these great resources allow God to speak to you:

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