Job hunting with a difference

Job hunting with a difference

Job hunting is often slow and frustrating – however, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how!

It was one of those supremely character-forming days. In my hand was a card for my first Job Centre appointment, and what made it so embarrassing was that I had been a careers adviser at this same Job Centre only a few short weeks ago before losing my job! Phrases such as “physician heal thyself” and “surely it can’t be that difficult to find a job?” churned around inside my skull like the National Lottery balls, and I wondered how long it would take for my lucky numbers to be chosen – and find a new job!

When your back is against the wall – when your credit card bills and your self-esteem need paying off – you simply want a job-search technique that works, and fast! Here are some job hunting secrets that real people have used to find work in a very tough job market.

Job hunting tip 1. Make contact with organisations you like

As an important part of his job hunting strategy Abdul, a charity worker in Kent, wrote a letter, enclosing his CV to a charity where he wanted to work, and underlined how much he admired their organisation and their achievements. He received an offer of work a few weeks later.

It wasn’t just that he was being complimentary, he was also demonstrating his proactive and positive mindset. This targeted approach won’t work every time, but is a great way of accessing the 70% of unadvertised jobs in the UK!

Job hunting tip 2. It’s quality, not quantity, that matters

Graduate Simi decided to reconsider her method of job hunting since was having no joy from her email blasts for a job. She decided to change tack and focus on submitting exactly what the employer was requesting in an ad’: a covering letter and CV that mirrored the essential and desirable list in the job description. It took a lot more time and effort but within three short weeks she received a number of job offers.

Remember that an effective job-search strategy doesn’t always look like throwing a handful of confetti in the air hoping that at least one piece will hit its target. Don’t give an employer a reason to throw your CV in the bin because you haven’t taken the time to give them what they want!

Job hunting tip 3. Showcase yourself in a blog

Jess also got an offer from a PR agency after she told them about her blogging site.

This approach will work well, especially if you want help in standing out from the crowd, and demonstrate the abundance of skills at your fingertips.

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Job hunting tip 4. Maintain a clean online profile

Take some time to self-Google so you can make sure that your online personality is how you want the world to view you. Once images and comments are posted online, they are ‘out there’ for good. As a chef once said, you can add, but you can’t take away. So be careful that you don’t put compromising photos of yourself on Facebook or Instagram – employers will find them and blow your cover!

Job hunting tip 5. Pound the pavement

After Gil lost his job in financial services he printed out a stack of CVs and targeted a number of organisations. He found that it was a great way of enabling the decision-making person not only to assess you face-to-face but also for you to assess them. Now you’ve shaken his hand, you can weigh up whether you really want to work for someone with a wet-fish handshake!