A job seeker’s best friend is Facebook!

Facebook and job searching

This is the first in a series of three blogs looking at how to use social media in your job search. In this one we’ll look at Facebook.

Question: If you are a job seeker, have you made Facebook your best friend? 🙂

With a staggering 42 million people using Facebook in the UK (68% of population), 12 million micro-blogging on Twitter and over 4 million engaging on LinkedIn, like it or loathe it, it’s difficult to dispute the power and reach of social media. Interesting research (Jobvite) shows how people are using social media to reach out and find work, and many would argue that it’s something about which we all have to become familiar when looking for work or wanting to develop our career.

Some hard facts about Facebook:                

  • 69% of those in work are seeking or open to a new job
  • 61% of job-seekers say finding work has been more difficult in the last year
  • 1 in 6 job-seekers found their last job through an on-line social network
  • 88% of job-seekers have at least one social networking profile

(US data, but related closely to the UK)

Job seeker top tips for using social media 

When establishing your social media presence, don’t think you have to be active 24/7, but chose a few, e.g. Facebook, and maintain a regular activity. It’s good to see yourself as an editor of your own portfolio of magazines that show different facets of your personality, and as such they don’t necessarily have to be linked up.

Successful job seekers use Friends and networks

The simplest way of finding a job on Facebook is asking, ask your friends, family and networks if they know of any available positions. This way they know that you are looking and can keep an eye out for you. It can be daunting or embarrassing for some to ask job but sometimes it boils down to “if you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Facebok Pages

Job seekers, listen up! Facebook pages are growing daily with companies looking to reach out to their customers. Actively like and follow companies that you would be willing to work for, you will find that they will announce if they have any vacancies. Again, there’s no harm in asking if they have any available positions. There are some job and location specific Facebook pages which will give you a greater chance of finding a job in your area of expertise and your local area.

Facebook - a job seeker 's best friend

Once you have “liked” the person or organisation or joined a group, their feed will appear in your timeline.

Facebook - a job seeker 's best friend

Join Facebook groups

You can also join groups that will display the posting of other people and organisations

This is a great way for you hard-pressed job seekers to receive regular postings from employers offering jobs in your area. Once you’ve joined their group you will receive updates in your timeline. Simple but very effective! Why not join a number of job search clubs?

Facebook - a job seeker 's best friend

The best way is to spend some time in the search bar, checking out what groups are “out there”. Then join up and hopefully you’ll get the head’s up on a job before too long.