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Career coaching in Lambeth

If you’re looking for career coaching in the London Borough of Lambeth then you’ve come to the right place. Career guidance and counselling can be a really great move if you’ve recently lost your job, are about to face redundancy or you no longer find fulfilment in your present career, and need help finding a new career path.

Maybe you feel trapped and have experienced some sort of discrimination, or you need to find creative solutions to make up for a lack of relevant skills and experience?

Whatever your career frustration, Want2get on? Career Coaching can give you the help you’re looking for.

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Don’t forget to view this one to one career counselling as an investment in your future. Remind yourself that you are genuinely somebody who is worth investing in!

A career counselling service for Lambeth

Want2get on? is a unique Christian-based careers coaching service in the London Borough of Lambeth for those who want to draw their Christian faith into their career planning and their life direction and require one to one career counselling support for choosing a new career or to discover their life’s calling.

However, whether you have a faith or no faith, I can help you to set your feet firmly on a fresh and exciting career path.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis

The bible tells us that God has given us everything we need to perform His will (Hebrews 13:20-21), He will always call you to something for which He has placed inside of you the potential skills, personality and other useful attributes.

How I can develop your career plans

I am a qualified career consultant with over 17 years’ experience of helping people practically and spiritually in the process of choosing a new career:

  • Discover your calling in life or how to develop your career direction
  • Make the practical steps to securing a job, e.g. write a winning CV, refine a job search or create a great job interview pitch

Career planning topics that we could cover

Your career counselling would cover a range of topics covering all aspects of career planning. I would ensure that you experience a sense of progressing at a “healthy” speed through a range career-related topics, which are not limited to the following:

  1. Career exploration. I will help you to explore yourself, in terms of your skills, character strengths, personality, motivations and a few other factors and see which list of career choices offer you a good match.If you have a Christian belief (not essential in using the service) we can explore God’s promises for your life concerning your calling.
  2. Job interview techniques. Many of us may be more-than-slightly-rusty at the dreaded-job interview. You will have the opportunity to “enjoy” role-play job interview practice and receive coach feedback on your responses during mock interview practice.
  3. Gaining an understanding of the labour market. We shall examine what the demand is like for certain professions, job entry requirements, location of jobs and other labour market info’ factors.
  4. Marketing yourself to an employer, including CV writing & creating a persuasive cover letter, completing job applications and writing a personal statement, developing your social media profile that will drive interest in your direction (including LinkedIn
  5. Overcoming “insurmountable” barriers to work. Each of us faces different employment challenges, some of which may include an inability to obtain employer references, physical or mental illness, lack of qualifications and finance or other personal circumstances.
  6. Job search advice. This will involve job hunting advice that will get you in front of an employer as soon as possible.

Linked In Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it. Please take a few moment to check out some of the testimonials I’ve received from my clients:

Having contacted Charles regarding career direction and personal growth, I fully appreciated his professional, engaging, sincere manner. His ability to ask challenging questions and provide suitable solutions has helped me recognise my strengths. The profiling tools he offers have helped me to get a clearer idea of who I am and what I am capable of. Getting his well informed and experienced opinion has helped me to prepare for the future. – Eddie Webster

I have just finished working with Charles and have personally benefited greatly in our business. Charles is thoroughly professional and knowledgeable about his subjects. I have found him to be patient and very generous in his time and in sharing his vast knowledge.
I am greatly indebted to Charles for his invaluable part in progressing my career.
– Tim Lodge

‘Charles brings a sensitive and spiritual dimension to the important issue of discovering your calling and career. He offers practical advice and has created genuinely useful tools that help people discover the yearning of their heart. My students particularly appreciated his ability in one to one sessions where his wisdom and experience proved most are a few quotes from them.’:

“I have looked at the future with a new lens and now have more of a focus and direction.- I have struggled discerning what I want to do after the degree and this has helped a lot!” Positive proof of the practical application of Charles teaching.’  – Nigel Roberts – Head of Studies Youth for Christ, St Johns College, Nottingham.

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