LinkedIn – a job seeker’s best friend!

LinkedIn as a job search toolThis is the 3rd in a series of three blogs looking at how to use social media in your job search. In this one we’ll look at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn as a job search tool

In can be argued that LinkedIn is not really social media because its emphasis is business as opposed to social links that you find in Facebook and Twitter. However, it is all about networking – knowing people and being known by people. And importantly, the right people.

LinkedIn will help those searching within a professional career. We’re talking about a big reach…

LinkedIn as a job search tool

Meet LinkedIn!
LinkedIn as job search tool

  • Over 238 Million professional world-wide
  • 3 million+ company profiles
  • Executives from every Fortune 500 firm
  • 64% outside the U.S.
  • 200+ countries

LinkedIn as a job search tool

10 Steps to leveraging LinkedIn:

The first thing you need to do is create your own profile, which is the way that the world can learn how fantastic you are. It’s a bit like a CV – on steroids!

  • Have a work appropriate photo
  • Fill out your entire LinkedIn profile
  • Make your profile public – don’t limit its access
  • Host content on, which is LinkedIn owned
  • Connect to people at your target companies
  • Connect to celebrities in your industry
  • Connect to leaders in industry associations
  • Use Alumni Networks to connect
  • Maximise your use of “Groups”

Your profile is your shop window – so make sure it’s good!

LinkedIn as a job search tool

1) Develop a Strong, Keyword-Aware Headline. 

This is really important because it will help businesses, looking for people who have skills sets like your own, to find you. If the keywords in your profile are those that are in demand in your industry, then you increase the chances of you been tracked down and eventually offered a job! For example:

  • Client-focussed, Big Idea Salesperson
  • Recent Oxford University Honours Graduate and Publishing Intern
  • IT Project Manager Seeking New Opportunity
  • Senior Public Relations and Internal Communications Executive

2) Get strong recommendations from managers and clients

This is an incredibly important part of building credibility in the eyes of those who view your profile. If you have a good collection of satisfied clients and associates, then people will tend to take you seriously; and who knows, may even offer you a job or more business. First, second, third… impressions count for a lot! Time taken to building recommendations will be time very well spent.

LinkedIn as a job search tool

3) LinkedIn as a direct Job search tool

LinkedIn offers a powerful job search tool, and it pretty much does what is says on the lid.

LinkedIn as a job search tool

4) Join a relevant groups

Follow trends and contribute to conversations and stay in touch with news and developments.

By contributing to conversations you will become known within your community, and this is what you need to achieve in order to attract attention.

LinkedIn as a job search tool

5) Follow a company and keep up with their news.

This could be a good way to get to know who’s who in the company and even get to know someone who could give you the heads-up on forthcoming vacancies. Don’t forget, companies want / need to find suitable job applicants, so if you can make yourself known through activity on Linked that is of relevance to the organisation you’re following then you will stand a better chance of being sported.

LinkedIn as a job search tool

6) It’s all about who you know, and how knows you!

It’s very important to expand your network within LinkedIn. The more people you’re connected to increases the chance of you being found. Don’t forget, it’s not necessarily the people you know that count, it’s the people your contacts know that could make the difference. And that’s a lot of people! Don’t forget, it’s reckoned that there is only 6 degrees of separation between everyone on the globe, and LinkedIn will take you a good way to achieving this!

LinkedIn as a job search tool