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Meetup - Stepping into your career vision

Meetup Group – Achieving your Career Goal in London

I plan to hold a regular Meetup group called Achieving your Career Goal in London which will be held either in Croydon or Central London. Why not join the group and receive notifications about future events?

The Meetups normally involve a small group of people getting together in a fairly quiet location, normally a bar or hotel to deal with a meaty career related topic.

Schedule of Meetups:

  1. Still looking for THAT job? Discover a job search strategy that works!
    Wed 24th May 11am – 12.30pm Croydon
  2. Give your CV the dose of steroids it probably needs and pump up its volume!
    Wed 31st May 7.30pm – 9pm Croydon
  3. 10 strategies that will show you the career you should be in!
    Wed 7th June 7.30 – 9pm Croydon

For more details and to book your place, see below:

1) Still looking for THAT job? Discover a job search strategy that works!

Job search strategy that works!

When: This Meetup will be held on: Wed 24th May 11am – 12.30pm Croydon

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Where: Matthew’s Yard, Surrey Street, Croydon, CR0 1FF

What this Meetup is all about: 

What is the best way to find a job? 

This is a really good question whether you’re in a job (but want a change) or between jobs and need to get restarted.

The problem nowadays is not so much about A LACK of job information but more to do with WAY TOO MUCH information about job availability, and a LACK OF TIME AND ENERGY to sort out the good sources of job information from the bad.

What this Meetup will give you

In this Meetup, I’ll give you some great ideas to develop an effective strategy that will enable you to find a suitable job as quickly as possible and with the least amount of trouble and effort. If your strategy is not working, you need to review the way you’re looking for a particular job.

What are the stats on you finding a job?

It is said that only 30% of job vacancies are openly advertised to the public. This leaves an amazing 70% of jobs that are left to be found in the ‘hidden job market’! The question that arises is: with the limited time you have got, where do you look for a job? Is there a best method or strategy when conducting a job-search?

Experts say that one in every three job hunters become unsuccessful because they abandoned their job hunt prematurely. When asked why, many would say: ‘I never thought that this would take so long and I ran out of energy.’ As a result, it’s wise to invest what energy you do have into a job-hunting strategy where the odds are more favourable!

Which strategy should you adopt for job hunting? The answer is: … Well, I’ll let you know on the Meetup!

The evening costs £10, which you can pay on the night.

See you there!


07503 177126

2) Give your CV the dose of steroids it probably needs and pump up its volume!

When: Wed 31st May 7.30pm – 9pm

Where:  Matthew’s Yard Surrey Street, Croydon, CR0 1FF, London

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What’s this Meetup is all about:

When was the last time someone competent checked your CV? This Meetup offers you an amazing chance for you to brush the dust off your CV and turn it from Mr Puny-Verse to a steroid-filled Arnold Schwarzenegger! Yes, you never knew such a subject could be so interesting!

It’s dead easy to write a CV – but far harder to write a CV that will land you that job! I normally charge between £150 – £200 to write a professional CV, but in this Meetup group, I will share with you everything I know about CVs for just £10, including a stack of material to help you hit the road running. That’s quite some deal!

OK, let’s admit it, CVs aren’t exactly the most interesting subject going, but undeniably this subject is right-up-there in the things we just HAVE to get right if we’re serious about finding THAT job with our name on it! I’ve been coaching professionals for many years on how to write CVs that will sell your skills, experience, qualifications and your other “assets” effectively so that you attract the attention of the employer.

Gaps in employment history and other challenges

The challenge surrounding our CV often comes when we have to deal with the gaps in our employment history, maybe due to illness or maternity/paternity leave, or in trying to make a break from one sector to another.

Another challenge could be that you feel too inexperienced for a job, or the very opposite. Even though you should never lie on a CV, there are ways to present your “best face”. I want to show you how in many cases it is possible to “photoshop” your CV so that you present an image of yourself that you want the employer to see.

So, whatever the strengths and weaknesses of your employment history, this Meetup will help you to sell yourself as effectively as possible through your CV.

By the way, the bar where I hold my Meetups serve fantastic, extra-strong coffee, which will keep you awake through the session!

The session costs £10, and you can pay “on the door”.

If you have any questions, please give me a call on 07503 177126.

See you there, Charles

3) 10 strategies that will show you the career you should be in!

When: Wed 7th June 7.30pm – 9pm Croydon

Where:  Matthew’s Yard Surrey Street, Croydon, CR0 1FF, London

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What’s this Meetup is all about:

I’m guessing that most of us want to feel passionate about what we do for a career and to be able to say that in some small way what we do contributes to the greater good.

Harold Whitman said: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 

There’s no doubt that we all come alive when we’re doing what ticks our box: an engineering job instead of Y, chef-ing in a restaurant instead of Z. However, after experiencing some less-than-successful business ventures over the years I’ve finally begun to realise that I have been asking the wrong question. Instead of trying to understand what I’m supposed to be doing with my life I have learned the need to recognise who I’m supposed to be.

I want to speak to you more about this at the Meetup.

So, are you looking for a change in career? 

Despite having had a successful career, are you still looking for happiness? If so, you could be suffering from Empty Success Syndrome. You could be among those who feel that something’s missing from their lives and don’t know how to reply to the question: what do you want from your life?

If this is you, which category do you fall into? 

1) The unfulfilled dreamer – You never gave time to those dreams, but now you’re looking back and wondering…

2) The discouraged dreamer – Despite fulfilling your dreams, you’re still feeling empty

3) The ambitious dreamer – You’ve achieved your dreams and you’re now thinking what next? Is there something new and fresh and long-lasting?

A (vain) way to tackle the Empty Success Syndrome is to throw yourself into your work or a new job in the hope you might discover something at the bottom of the cup along with the bits of soggy biscuit. You could also put what you’re feeling down to a mid-life crisis or blame it on your wife and family. However, none of this will give the solution for which you’re seeking and yearning.

So, if any of this resonate deep within you, why not attend this brand-new Meetup on Wednesday 7th June, 7.30pm.

Book your place here.

You can also pay by cash on the night if you’d prefer

If you’ve got any questions please call me

All the best

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15+ great ways to earn a living working from home

When: Wednesday 10th May 18.45 – 20.45 Book your place here.

Where: Amba Hotel Charing Cross (Terrace Bar) The Strand, WC2N 5HX, London
(As you stand outside Charingcross Station the hotel entrance is on the left-hand side. The Terrace Bar is on the 1st floor – just follow the signs or ask a member of hotel staff.)

What this Meetup will give you

This Meetup group will give you some great ideas to help you work from home and earn a decent living.

Comments from previous Meetups on this topic

“Highly informative presentation, with practical resource sharing and interactive discussions. Well worth the £10.00 outlay and a morning enjoyed by all attendees. Well done and thanks for your encouragement Charles.” 

“Really interesting & informative Meet-Up. Some of the info I’d already heard about/ explored but there was a lot of new & interesting options which I shall be looking into!”

Why this Meetup can free you up to pursue your dreams and change the way to you earn a living

I’ve done a stack of research to create an extensive list of options available to those who want to work from home and earn whilst juggling life’s complex responsibilities, such as looking after a growing family or managing other responsibilities or restrictions you might have.

Another reason why this Meetup could be valuable for you is that in order for us to pursue a dream such as returning to university, starting a new business or any new venture, we often need a flexible and alternative income stream to keep us going until our dream / goal begins to start generating a decent income. This Meetup will give you some great options to do this!

In my work as a career coach I regularly meet those who, due to illness or fatigue, want a complete career break and desire a source of income that can be accessed from home. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or dad or just looking for some flexible income, I’ll give you some well-known and some not-so-well-known options that will enable you to balance your domestic responsibilities and, importantly, earn some money from home.

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If the pre-payment system on Meetup doesn’t work for you, then you are welcome to pay on the day.

See you there,


07503 177126