Career Direction Package

Career Direction


  • FREE – First 20 minutes conversation, via skype / telephone
  • 1x 2½-3-hour initial 1-to-1 career coaching session, followed by 2 x 1½ hour follow-up sessions
    This can be arranged either on a face-to-face basis or via Skype (webcam preferable)
  • 10% discount off my book: The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers

Career development

God will never call us to do something that doesn’t fit with who we are.

This 1-to-1 career coaching package would help you to gain clarification of your skills, interests, personality and other factors can provide insight into the sort of job / career you could pursue. The sessions would include one-to-one career coaching to review your skills, work history and what motivates you – what sort of job you want to find. We would look at the practical steps that you’ll need to take to make this a realistic and achievable goal such checking out your CV and your job interview ability.

Coaching Booklet

As a part of this package you will also be provided with a 30-page coaching booklet containing material / tools that I have accumulated over many years. These exercises will provide you with the necessary leverage that will help “lift you” up into a position where you will be able to discern your next career move with greater clarity and confidence.

Spiritual development

Importantly, we could take a spiritual “stock take” of your situation, which is an important consideration because much of what happens in our lives has spiritual roots. Since God places such value on our relationship with Him and our levels of faith, He often won’t allow us to move forward until these root issues in our lives have been dealt with.

Also, I would provide the encouragement to help you persevere until you have experienced your breakthrough!

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