Return to work parents Meetup group

Mum and dad work returners

Besides the question of: is there life elsewhere in the Universe?, the other great question has to be, can a career life exist after having children! The answer is a definite “yes” but there can be no doubt that mums and dads returning to work can face specific challenges. The purpose of this return to work parents’ Meetup group is to give you the advice, guidance and moral support that you might need to enable you to move on to your next job – whatever it may be.

To join the Meetup group: Inspiration for return to work parents, click here.

Also, you can meet me at Croydon Central Library on Monday 3rd July, 11am2pm and find out more about this group. 

Career guidance and counselling can be really a great move if you’ve reached the stage where you want to return to work after a career break looking after the children. Increasingly this is a phenomenon experienced by both mum and dads (as a dad of three boys I can speak from personal experience ) and the challenges of returning to work can often be daunting:

  • The industry you’d like to return to has now changed and moved on
  • You’re no longer the person you once were pre-children and you would like help finding a new career path
  • You want a flexible career to fit around family life, but expect difficulties finding a suitable job
  • You’ve lost self-confidence

Join an exclusive group

Meetup - Stepping into your career vision

This is an exclusive group that is aimed at the return to work mums and dads who possibly need a career change and the services of a professional career counsellor to help them track down new job opportunities as soon as possible.

The Meetup group will focus on employment challenges that are unique to return to work mums and dad’s.

Unlike most Meetup groups I am limiting membership to just six people, which will ensure that:

  • Each member doesn’t have to compete against large numbers to have their voice and needs heard
  • Each person has the opportunity to receive quality individual and in-depth feedback
  • A sense of closeness, mutual support and encouragement develops between group members
  • An environment of trust and confidentiality characterises the group

Career Change topics that we will cover

These are just some of the topics, (full details further down the page) that we’ll cover:

  1. Career exploration
  2. Marketing yourself to an employer
  3. Job search strategies
  4. Gaining an understanding of the labour market.
  5. Overcoming “insurmountable” barriers to work
  6. Job interview techniques
  7. New topics can be added

The value of a purpose-led community

One of the reasons that birds of a feather flock together is that people often value being part of a group where there is a mutual bond, a shared journey, experience and goal. Being part of this return to work mums and dad’s Meetup group you will have a chance to talk about how to find a career, how to change careers and discover different career choices. Importantly, you will find solutions for the challenges surrounding returning to work after having children.

A community of people travelling on a similar life journey.

Someone said, “Failure is not falling down, it is not getting up again”. One of the most dangerous things that most of us face is the battle that goes on inside our minds: isolation, discouragement and plunging low self-esteem. An excellent defence against such attack is to surround yourself with a community of supportive, encouraging individuals who will cheer you on and pick you up when you need it.

This return to work mums and dads group would give you that.

Topics that we would cover – in detail

Our Meetup group would cover a range of topics covering all aspects of career planning advice and we would progress on to the next subject at a speed that suits the whole group. However, I would ensure that group as a whole, experiences a sense of progressing at a “healthy” speed through a range of return to work, career-related topics, which are not limited to the following:

  1. Career exploration. As part of a small, tight group, I will help you to explore yourself, in terms of your skills (working out which are transferable), character strengths, personality, motivations and a few other factors and see which list of career choices offer you a good match.
    This topic is massive and in order that we do the subject justice, career exploration will be focus over a number of weeks.
  2. Marketing yourself to an employer. Again, this is a massive subject, which will take a number of weeks to look at in detail. The sort of job advice that we could look at could include:
    •  CV development
    •  Creating a persuasive cover letter
    •  Completing job applications and writing a personal statement
    •  Developing your social media profile that will drive interest in your direction (including LinkedIn)
    •  Video blogging
  3. Job search strategies. This will involve job hunting advice that will get you in front of an employer as soon as possible. Looking for a job on your own is one of the hardest things to persevere at. One of the many benefits of being part of this return to work mums and dads group is that you will receive loads of job search advice, career planning resources, plus encouragement, and gain exposure to networks, collective experience and knowledge from members of the group, which should never be underestimated.
  4. Gaining an understanding of the labour market. Tailored to the needs of return to work parents, we shall examine what the demand is like for certain professions, job entry requirements, location of jobs and other labour market info’ factors.
  5. Overcoming “insurmountable” barriers to work. Each of us faces different challenges, some of which may include: finding suitable childcare, an inability to obtain employer references, physical or mental illness, lack of qualifications and finance or other personal circumstances. Whilst there is rarely a magic bullet, solutions can still be found when many brains work together on how to make a career for women and men returners.
  6. Job interview techniques. Many of us may be more-than-slightly-rusty at the dreaded-job interview. You will have the opportunity to “enjoy” role-play job interview practice and receive peer and coach feedback on your responses during mock interview practice.
  7. Other return to work topics can be added when need arises.

How often we would meet

We would aim to meet approx. every 2 weeks, either during the day or evening.


Over and above to us actually meeting up in a single location (normally Croydon) we can communicate and share information via a closed Facebook group, which I shall administer.

Membership and attendance fees

The membership fee for joining the return to work mums and dads group = £30

There are two cost options for each Meetup:

  • £14.99 without material
  •  £19.99 with material (e-material available from a dropbox)

There would also be an additional cost (which is optional but recommended) of 2 x £40 for completing:

  •  A work personality report
  •  Skills Motivational report

Duration of Meetup session

Each Meetup would last approx. 1½ – 2 hours

To join Inspiration for return to work parents Meetup group, click here