These are a selection of testimonials from my clients


Nigel Roberts LinkedIn testimonial

Youth for Christ, St Johns College, Nottingham

“Charles brings a sensitive and spiritual dimension to the important issue of discovering your calling and career. He offers practical advice and has created genuinely useful tools that help people discover the yearning of their heart. My students particularly appreciated his ability in one to one sessions where his wisdom and experience proved most valuable.

Here are a few quotes from them:”

  • “I have looked at the future with a new lens and now have more of a focus and direction”
  • “I have struggled to discern what I want to do after the degree and this has helped a lot!Positive proof of the practical application of Charles teaching”

Shinique Colebrooke LinkedIn testimonial

Management Accountant PPSumbrella   ACCA

“After working for 14 years at a company my position was made redundant, Charles helped me, practically, give me knowledge and insight on my CV and Linkedin, job interviews, made a difference to my technique using role play, encouraged me, and finally helped me get the job I was looking for. I can not sing his praises high enough!”

Courtney Russell  LinkedIn testimonial

Principal Consultant – EU at ProClinical

Linked In Testimonial for Charles Humphreys

LinkedIn profile for Charles Humphreys

“Charles has been a great guide to help me ride the storm of a career rut. Through a combination of exploring my career ambitions and being conscious of my spiritual season, I was able to make positive steps. I am pleased to say that I have found a new opportunity that fits well with my career ambitions and as a Christian, I have found that my relationship with God has strengthened.

I have come from a dark place to a much brighter place and his help and guidance had a big impact. I highly recommend Charles as a careers coach and wish him further success in his gifting.”


Tim Lodge LinkedIn testimonial

Linked In Testimonial for Charles Humphreys

LinkedIn profile for Charles Humphreys

Songwriter, Composer, Writer

“I have just finished working with Charles and have personally benefited greatly in our  business. Charles is thoroughly professional and knowledgeable about his subjects. I have found him to be patient and very generous in his time and in sharing his vast knowledge. I am greatly indebted to Charles for his invaluable part in progressing my career.”


David Pearce LinkedIn testimonial

Team Leader, Adoption Reform at UK Department for Education

Linked In Testimonial for Charles Humphreys

LinkedIn profile for Charles Humphreys

“Service recommendation – Charles has a wealth of experience in helping people to take stock of current work and future direction. He uses lots of helpful tools and resources to help people discern the way forward and make the most of opportunities and has a great balance between spiritual insight and healthy common sense! Definitely recommend him.”


Joanne Hart-Whitehouse

Senior Lecturer at Leicester University

“I am writing to say thank you for your recent help, careers advice and support. I am more than happy for you to allow you to use this recommendation for other potential clients.

So often careers support seems to focus on CV writing and skills profiles. These are of course tremendously important and when we are forced to change career direction we need the clear guidance you offer.

In particular the flexibility of Skype, phone and email support. However what makes your service stand out is your recognition of the subjective and personal challenges career change and development generate.  You understand the person as an individual for which a one size fits all approach might not be effective. You are skilled at finding what is right for each client and working with this to support them. This is priceless. So thank you for your support.”

Jo is happy to supply a reference by email request


Graham Orange LinkedIn testimonial

Business Coach at Action COACH

Linked In Testimonial for Charles Humphreys

LinkedIn profile for Charles Humphreys

“Your highly professional approach and extensive subject matter knowledge has given me renewed confidence that my experience within the Armed Forces can be successfully transferred into civilian life. I had little idea of where I was heading after 24 years in the RAF but your intelligent approach and direction gave me the knowledge and assurance to make some important decisions relating to my future. It was so refreshing to have somebody whose faith plays such a large part in their daily business.”


Eddie Webster LinkedIn testimonial

Supply Teacher at Supply Desk Preston

Linked In Testimonial for Charles Humphreys

LinkedIn profile for Charles Humphreys

“Having contacted Charles regarding career direction and personal growth, I fully appreciated his professional, engaging, sincere manner. His ability to ask challenging questions and provide suitable solutions has helped me recognise my strengths. The profiling tools he offers have helped me to get a clearer idea of who I am and what I am capable of. Getting his well informed and experienced opinion has helped me to prepare for the future.”


Chris Price LinkedIn testimonial

Executive Director at Pecan

LinkedIn Testimonial for Charles Humphreys

LinkedIn profile for Charles Humphreys

We have approached Charles Humphreys on two separate occasions to provide a redundancy support package to members of our team who we had to let go. I have known Charles for many years and was very confident in his expertise in providing a valuable service to PECAN. Through his professional coaching our two former members of staff have made a successful transition to new employment.
Under his direction, they were able to take stock of their experience, make a skills inventory and develop a career focus that would help them not only to quickly gain a new job but importantly work towards a fulfilling long-term employment strategy. His insightful and encouraging approach will be a valuable asset to any organisation that brings him into their team.


Stuart McLurg testimonial

“Working with Charles helped me re-establish a much clearer focus about where I wanted to go and what I needed to do to get there. I found his ‘listening ear’ valuable as he allowed me to explain various things I had tried without comment and then made some helpful suggestions about what to consider by way of future actions – all of which were realistic and useful. Having someone with his experience to help me see ‘the wood from the trees’ was something I really appreciated.

I had got to the position where I felt stuck having tried so many things without success and having invested hundreds of hours in my search for a new post I felt at an impasse. Charles gave me fresh impetus as well as genuine encouragement to keep going.

He has wide experience and if any of the symptoms described above ring a bell with you, get in touch with him and I am confident you will find both the time and financial investment worthwhile. He will discuss your needs as an individual and come up with a tailor-made ‘package’ and he is very flexible in the help he offers.”


William Hills testimonial

“I employed Charles Humphreys to assist me with some career coaching in the last three months of 2013. I found his approach was most valuable in helping me to refocus my career goals. His combination of practical advice underpinned with a Christian ethos was invaluable. I really appreciated his ability to empathise with my current situation and help me discern appropriate steps forward.”