You want a killer CV or a CV that kills with boredom? You decide!

How to write a killer CVCVs, boring but important! Here are a few essential tips on how to write a killer CV.

How to grab an employer’s eye with a killer CV!

Let me guess – you’re not reading this blog on CV’s because you really want to, but because you have to? Let’s face it, even though CV’s are incredibly important they have to rank up there on the boredom scale along with party political broadcasts. I shall try to make this blog interesting, but even if I don’t, it will be far more useful than watching any party political broadcast!

To get started I need to find out a bit of information about you. Read the two descriptions below and decide which of them you fall into.


  1. I have a seamless work history with no or very few gaps.
  2. I’ve got some impressive job titles to show off.
  3. I can show off names of prestigious employers.
  4. I want to change jobs but also want to remain in the same sector or the same sort of role.


  1. My work history is patchy or has one or two gaps on it that I want to hide.
  2. I have experienced a long period of unemployment that you want to take an employer’s eye off!
  3. I have done lots of job-hopping or changes in career direction that I want to disguise.
  4. I want to start a new career or enter the job market but have little relevant experience.

Choosing the right CV format

The ‘rule of thumb’ for CV writing is to choose the format that best displays you: your skills, experience, achievements and qualifications. The job of a CV is not to say everything about you (it’s not an autobiography) but to say just enough to get the attention of an employer.

Even though you cannot lie or invent on a CV, like a good decorator you can paint over the cracks and disguise facts about you that you’d rather an employer didn’t know. You can even choose words to make them think that you’re more experienced than you actually are – you’re not lying, you’re merely being economical with the truth!

Which description best describes you?

Since CV’s are so boring I’m going to try to make the following as easy and as quick to follow as possible before you pass out. I’ve given you a link below to a download which will give you some essential guidelines on two different sorts winning CV’s, one version for group A) and the other for group B). These are fictitious but true-to-life examples of CVs and I’m postive you’ll learn lots from them.

Two different sorts of CVs and how to write them

Ten Top Tips on writing a killer CV!


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